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2024 - Upcoming Lash Extensions Styles & Trends

Lash extensions are an ever growing addiction, and have become impossible to avoid over the past decade. We have seen lash looks & styles ranging from bold & dramatic mega volume, to wispy & soft hybrid sets.

Bigger was one considered better when it came to lash extensions, but with the old money & clean girl aesthetics taking over socials, it is only a matter of time before these trends start to reflect within lash styles and have an effect on the lash industry.

Here are my upcoming trend predictions for next year...

Angel Lashes

A big trend from 2023, and this is a style that is here to stay for the foreseeable.

Angel lashes, or wet look lashes, are the epitome of "just enough, but not too much". Think: Supermodel on her day off.

Recognised by the signature contrast of dark lashes to the negative space of the unfilled areas. Fuller than classic lashes, but less dense than traditional Russian volume.

wet look lashes, angel lashes, lash extensions, lash map

Lash artists - create using:

- Closed fans in 0.05mm/0.07mm 3-4D

- Sprinkle of classics for texture if needed

- Modest length (6mm-13mm)

- Leave enough negative space

Clients - ask for:
- Angel lashes or wet look
- Not too dense
- Darker lash line, softer tips & edges

Classic Lashes

A well styled & applied set of classic lashes are the crème de la crème; a true timeless & classic style. Think: my lashes but even better!

Although dramatic, dark & dense volume styles have had a hold over the industry for a while, natural & understated looks are now making a comeback.

Classic lashes consist or 1 extension being applied to 1 natural lash. This mean the finished look is beautifully elegant and will have people questioning how you were blessed with the most amazing natural lashes.

classic lashes, classic lash extensions, green eyes, lash styles, lashes

Lash artists - create using:

- 0.12mm/0.15mm lashes

- Soft curls- C/CC

- Length up to 12mm

- Tailored styling to suit the clients eye shape

Clients - ask for:
- Classic lashes
- Natural but noticeable length

Bespoke Sets

The days of "1 style fits all" lash extensions are long gone, and lash lovers (rightfully) are demanding bespoke & tailored sets of lashes that are specifically designed t0 enhance & accentuate the eyes. Nothing quite says luxury like something that has been perfectly created & customised for each individual.

Not only are bespoke sets of lashes aesthetically pleasing, the practice of tailoring each lash style to each client encourages creativity, whilst maintaining the health of the natural lashes- win, win!

m curl lashes, lash extensions, lash trends, trendy lashes

Lash artists - create using:

- Variety of application techniques

- Lash weight to suit each individual natural lash

- Specific styling for the clients eye shape

- Variety of curls to create a suitable style

Clients - ask for:
- Tailored look; not a specific shape or style

Remember, artistry & beauty are the core foundation of creating lash extensions. Trends may come and go, but a well applied, safe & beautiful set of lash extensions should always be priority.

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